Club Rules 


1.1 The name of the Club is Crown London. Crown London is a Private Members Club. The address is 27-28 Curzon Street, London, W1J 7TJ.


2.1 The Proprietor and Owner of the Club is Crown London.


3.1 The objectives of the Club are to provide Members and their Guests with facilities for lawful gaming and entertainment and other non-political, social and recreational facilities, including the provision of food, drink (including alcohol) and occasional entertainment, all in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and the gaming and other rules of the club including Club Rules (as amended from time to time).


4.1 All Membership fees, subscriptions and all other payments by Members shall belong to the Proprietor, who shall have sole control of all financial matters in connection with the Club.

4.2 The Proprietor shall be solely responsible for the provision of:

(a) The Club Premises;

(b) Carrying out the objectives of the Club; and

(c) Shall have entire control of all matters connected with the Club.

4.3 The Members shall be liable for such payments to the Proprietor as prescribed from time to time in these Rules, Player Programs, Incentives Terms & Conditions Agreement, Settlement of Account and other Regulations.


5.1 The general management of the Club shall be conducted and controlled by the Proprietor or, at the Proprietor’s discretion, by the Committee, and all of whose terms of office, including termination, shall be determined by the Proprietor.

5.2 The Committee shall meet for the proper discharge of its functions whenever summoned for that purpose by the Proprietor. Two persons shall constitute a quorum of the Committee.

5.3 The Proprietor or, at the Proprietor’s discretion, the Committee shall also appoint a Club Management Team empowered, at its discretion, to act in respect of day-to-day management matters.

5.4 The Proprietor or, at the Proprietor’s discretion, the Committee shall be entitled to make, vary or repeal any Rule or Regulation relating to the conduct, management or well-being of the Club or its Membership. Any Rules or Regulations so decided shall be binding on the Members and/or Guests.


6.1 There are multiple categories of membership offered at the Club.

6.2 Only those of good character and over the age of 18 and who are otherwise not excluded from the premises shall be eligible for membership.

6.3 All Members are bound by the Rules and Regulations of the Club (as amended from time to time).

6.4 The admission of Members shall be by election of the Committee or Sub-Committee appointed for that purpose by the Committee or the Proprietor.

6.5 Newly elected Members may receive, where appropriate, notification from the Proprietor or delegate of their election.

6.6 The Committee or Proprietor shall have the power, without giving a reason, to suspend or terminate the membership of any Member or, without giving a reason, to refuse membership to any person. Any such decision shall be final and binding and shall not be subject to any form of appeal.

6.7 The Committee, Proprietor or any member of the Club Management Team so empowered by the Committee or Proprietor shall be entitled at any time and without giving a reason, to:

(a) Refuse admission to any Member; or

(b) Require any Member already admitted to leave the Club, and any such decision shall be binding and shall not be subject to any form of appeal.

6.8 Only Members who have paid their Annual Subscription, Complimentary Members, Walk-Ins and Awaiting Committee Approval Members awaiting the Committee's decision on their application and qualified Gaming Guests of those categories of Member shall be entitled to participate in the general gaming facilities made available by the Club, subject always to the production of full Customer Due Diligence and the requisite ID documentation and any other required documents as determined by the Club and in compliance with regulations. Dining Members and Non-Gaming Guests are not permitted to access the gaming facilities.

6.9 Members and Guests may terminate their membership at any time by giving the Proprietor written/verbal notice of the resignation that takes effect when the Proprietor receives notice.


7.1 Current annual subscription fee is £2,000 with £1,000 joining fee. 

7.2 The Committee reserves the right to override the annual subscription and joining fee at its discretion.

7.3 The Committee or the Proprietor shall be entitled to determine or vary all subscription fees and other charges at its discretion at any time.

7.4 Notice of such determination or variation shall be posted at the Club premises and shall not take effect earlier than 28 days after the display of such notice.

7.5 The first Annual Subscription is payable on election to membership and thereafter at intervals of 12 calendar months.

7.6 Any person in arrears with their Annual Subscription may be refused admission to the Club premises.

7.7 All subscriptions are to be paid by Banker’s Order.

7.8 Where membership has been either terminated or suspended by the Committee or the Proprietor under Rule 6.6, the expelled or suspended Member will, at the discretion of the Committee or Proprietor, be reimbursed with a proportion of their Annual Subscription appropriate to the unexpired period of their current subscription.


8.1 Any Member may bring Guests to the Club. Such Guests must be accompanied by that, Member at the Club at all times. Guests are not permitted to enter the Club or remain in the Club without the Member’s presence.

8.2 The Member introducing the Guest shall be responsible for ensuring that Guests observe the rules of the Club.

8.3 A Guest of a Member shall not be entitled to participate in gaming on behalf of the Member or vice versa, and a Guest and Member shall not be entitled to participate in gaming on behalf of any other person present or not present on the Club premises.

8.4 A Guest of a Member is entitled to order or pay for any food or beverage in the Club. A Guest of a Member is not entitled to incur any debts at the Club in the Guest’s own name.

8.5 The Committee or Proprietor, or any member of the Club Management Team so empowered by the Committee or Proprietor, shall be entitled at any time, and without giving any reason, to:

(a) Refuse admission to any proposed Guest;

(b) Limit the number of any proposed Guests; or

(c) Require any Guests already admitted to leave the Club, and any such decision shall be binding and not subject to any form of appeal.

8.6 The Member introducing the Guest shall be responsible for ensuring the Guest’s compliance with any direction given under (a), (b) or (c) above.

8.7 Only those of good character and over the age of 18 and who are otherwise not excluded from the premises shall be eligible to attend the Club as a Guest.


9.1 Any complaint or dispute shall be raised immediately with a member of the Club Management Team.

9.2 In the event of a Member’s (or Gaming Guest’s) dissatisfaction with the outcome of a gaming dispute, the Member shall ask a member of the Gaming Management Team for a Gaming Dispute Procedure Leaflet outlining the process for further complaint. If in the event, the Proprietor’s internal Complaints process cannot settle the matter to your satisfaction it can be referred to our Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (ADR), the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS). 

IBAS may be contacted in writing at the following address:
PO Box 62639

For further information or to make a claim through the IBAS website, visit:
or to request an IBAS application form, telephone: 020 7347 5883

9.3 Where a Member has been dissatisfied with any aspect of Crown London’s facilities, quality of food or service and the complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily by Management, in accordance with the Club’s Non-Gaming Complaints Leaflet, the member may put their concerns in writing to:; or

Crown London Enquiries
27-28 Curzon Street
London W1W 5DR


10.1 No game of hazard or chance shall be played in the Club otherwise than in accordance with the rules appertaining to that particular game.

10.2 It shall be the duty of the Committee to fix the table money and fees payable in respect of any game played at the Club, in respect of which table money or a fee is chargeable and the times of sessions during which such games may be played in accordance with the provisions of these Rules.

10.3 Details of the rules, odds and house edge for all table games offered at Crown London can be found on premises via the ‘How to Play’ Leaflet and at

10.4 The Proprietor does not allow systematic and organised lending of money between Members or Guests and anyone asking for money or lending money in a systematic and organised way within the Club premises will have their membership reviewed and suspended.

10.5 Gaming chips and tokens issued by the Proprietor:

(a) Remain the property of the Club and must be returned or redeemed (as appropriate) on demand;

(b) When taken outside the Club, they are non-transferable.

10.6 From time to time the Club may operate reward programmes. Unless specifically stated, any accrued rewards attributed to a Member through a rewards program are solely indicative of the benefit that a Member at the discretion of the Club may receive and do not in any way represent a financial obligation on behalf of the Club or an asset of the Member.

10.7 The Proprietor reserves the right to adjust the tables’ minimums/ maximums at its discretion.

10.8 Credit cards are forbidden to be used at the Club’s. Any attempt to use a credit card to obtain funds will be refused and declined by the Proprietor.

10.9 Although the Proprietor will aim to prevent any person from gambling that seems to be or be under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal substances, the Proprietor will not be liable for any losses and for any matter whatsoever associated with gambling if they enter the Club and gamble under such a condition


11.1 Dining Members are not permitted to game at the Club unless they have a current Gaming Membership.

11.2 Dining Membership is subject to table availability, as such, bookings are strongly recommended via or +44 (0)20 7499 4599.

11.3 Dining cards are issued by and remain the property of 27 Restaurant & Bar, which reserves the right, at any time without notice or reason, to:

(a) Decline or terminate membership;

(b) Decline the issuance of a membership card; and

(c) Alter or amend the terms and conditions and/or operation of the Dining Membership.

11.4 Dining Membership is only valid in the 27 Restaurant & Bar and not at any other Crown Resort facility or premises.

11.5 The Dining Card cannot be redeemed or applied to previous purchases.

11.6 The Dining Card is valid for 12 months, from date of issue. The Dining Card has no expiry date but the Proprietor reserves the right to terminate dining membership at any time for any reason. All changes of address must be notified via email or by writing to:; or

Crown London Enquiries
27-28 Curzon Street
London W1W 5DR


12.1 All Guests and Members shall respect the privacy and confidentiality of other persons leaving, entering or present at the Club and agree not to disclose this personal information to other persons, mediums or platforms, including third parties. 

12.2 All initial personal information enquiries can be made in writing, by phone or by speaking to a Manager. Subject Access Requests, including requests for rectification of personal information, updating or revoking personal information permissions, can be made in writing to:; or

The Data Protection Officer 
Crown London 
27/28 Curzon Street
London W1J 7TJ

12.3 Members and Guests who may have concerns in relation to how the Proprietor uses or obtains their personal data, can direct their case to the data regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) via:

Helpline: 0303 123 1113


12.4 The Proprietor’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are available at or upon request.

12.5 The Proprietor shall comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), as such all data will be processed fairly and lawfully within the GDPR principles. 

12.6 The Proprietor forms part of Crown Resorts Ltd, Australia and as such personal data may be disclosed, shared or transferred in the course of business to other Crown Resort companies or third parties authorised to act on our behalf, as permitted by law.

12.7 The Proprietor, in strict accordance with the DPA, GDPR and any other applicable data protection laws, collects, holds and releases personal data for the purpose of compliance, the prevention and detection of crime and the Proprietor’s commercial use, such as marketing. This can include, but is not limited to; images, personal identification details, self-exclusion data, contact details such as addresses and telephone numbers (Customer Due Diligence) publicly sourced information, and financial details as needed in order to meet the regulatory requirements imposed upon the Proprietor as part of the business relationship processes (Enhanced Due Diligence) and/or gaming activity. Each member/guest shall inform the Proprietor forthwith in writing or in person of any changes to their residential address providing proof of such new address and financial details.

12.8 The Proprietor, in the course of carrying out its business relationships, may obtain/release personal or financial information from/to other third parties, such as, but not limited to, credit reference agencies, collection agencies, marketing agencies, KYC and due diligence agencies, identity document authentication systems, financial institutions and other industry bodies (i.e. other casinos).  For further information, please see the Proprietor’s Privacy Policy, available at or upon request. 

12.9 The Club has in place a CCTV surveillance system, which incorporates both video and audio recording, inside and outside the premises CCTV is used by the Club for the prevention and detection of crime, the protection of Staff, Members, Guests and other visitors to the premises and for the protection of the Club's assets. 

12.10 Members and Guests shall not hold the Proprietor liable for data/information released to third parties or used by the Proprietor in accordance with its legal or regulatory obligations.


13.1 The use of any device or paraphernalia to aid with the playing of casino games (other than that provided by the Club) is prohibited.

13.2 The Proprietor has absolute discretion to require any Member or Guest of a Member found in possession, or suspected of being in possession of any electrical, mechanical or computerised article or device for use within the Club premises to leave the premises, and where appropriate, to suspend or terminate membership.


14.1 The Proprietor recognises that some Members or Guests may be at risk of problem gambling. The Proprietor is committed to a policy of promoting a responsible attitude to gambling and provides free literature within the Club for the information and benefit of Members and Guests. The Proprietor shall ensure that Management and Staff are aware of this issue so that they may offer assistance wherever possible.

14.2 In accordance with LCCPs the Proprietor offers the option to be enrolled into a voluntary self-exclusion programme SENSE (Self Enrolment National Self Exclusion) for a minimum period of 6 months.

14.3 The enrolment can take place by phone, in writing, by visiting the Club’s premises, or directly with SENSE by visiting its website and following instructions starting by downloading its enrolment form.

14.4 A Member or Guest who self-excludes agrees:

(a) Not to enter or attempt to enter any casino premises for at least 6 months or whilst enrolled on SENSE;

(b) Although the Proprietor will aim to prevent any self-excluded person from gambling at the Club during their period of self-exclusion, the Proprietor will not be liable for any losses and for any matter whatsoever associated with gambling if they enter the Club and gamble during the period of self-exclusion; and

(c) Comply with the SENSE terms and conditions available via SENSE leaflets at the Club or online at

14.5 Persons under the age of 18 are strictly forbidden to enter the premises at any time. The Proprietor operates a strict Challenge 25 policy, which requires any person appearing under the age of 25 to provide a valid photographic ID as proof of age.

14.6 The Proprietor practices the responsible service of gaming.


15.1 The Proprietor is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its Members, Guests and Staff on the premises so far as is reasonable and practicable and will comply with all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice.

15.2 Members, Guests and Staff have a responsibility to act in a responsible manner to ensure their own health and safety and that of others in the Club.

15.3 Members and Guests agree to undergo personal searches and searches of their belonging for safety and security reasons.

15.4 The Proprietor is committed to maintaining a safe environment in which Members and Guests may enjoy the facilities provided. The manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of illegal drugs or controlled substances is prohibited on the premises (this includes all land, property, buildings and parking areas).


16.1 Systematic or organised money lending between Members or Guests on the premises is strictly forbidden.

16.2 Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. Any person found to be smoking in any other area may be asked to leave.

16.3 Members who permit their membership card or membership details to be used by any other person may have their membership suspended or cancelled. Membership is not transferable, non-negotiable and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for any monetary value or guarantee.

16.4 Members and Guests are prohibited from bringing alcohol onto the premises.

16.5 The Club enforces a strict Zero Tolerance policy towards drugs and controlled substances. Any person found to be in possession of a drug or controlled substance or is suspected to be in possession or to have used a drug or controlled substance will be barred from the Proprietor.

16.6 The Proprietor will cooperate with any police enquiry with regard to drug use on its premises.

16.7 Members and Guests whose standard of dress is deemed to be unacceptable may be refused entry to the Club.

16.8 The use of cameras or any other recording devices is prohibited without the prior approval of the Management.

16.9 Anti-Social Behaviour, harassment and/or discrimination against a Member, a Guest or Staff on the grounds of age, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity leave, disability, race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation (the ‘protected characteristics’) will not be tolerated, and the Proprietor reserves the right to suspend or terminate the membership of a person with such behaviour. Examples of unacceptable behaviour include, expressing a preference for or refusing a particular dealer based on a protected characteristic or making an offensive or derogatory comment related to a protected characteristic.

16.10 The Proprietor will not tolerate disruptive behaviour. The behaviour will be deemed ‘disruptive’ if casino property is intentionally damaged or if threatening, abusive, indecent or insulting words or behaviour are used towards Members, Guests or members of Staff. The Proprietor has absolute discretion to suspend or terminate the membership of a Member guilty of disruptive behaviour or whose Guest is guilty of disruptive behaviour.

16.11 The Proprietor will initiate or fully support a criminal investigation following an act or threat of violence against any Club Member, Guest or member of Staff. The Proprietor will share information about any criminal or violent act, illegal activity, including drug-related offence or undesirable activity where appropriate, committed in the Club by a Member and/or a Guest with other Proprietary Gaming Clubs or Companies and the Authorities, including the Police.

16.12 The Proprietor will remove and exclude from the premises any person suspected or found to have cheated or committed an undesirable or criminal act.

Under these circumstances, any attempt to enter the premises will render the excluded person liable to civil action, and in accordance with which the Proprietor will seek to recover its costs of such action.

16.13 The Proprietor will also pursue criminal prosecution against those who commit offences on its premises. The Proprietor reserves the right to withhold funds where there is knowledge or suspicion that those funds have been exclusively or partly obtained unlawfully, whilst investigations are concluded.


17.1 Members and their Guests are required to produce identification and, together with a completed membership form which is acceptable to the Proprietor if they wish to participate in gaming to ensure compliance with AML/CT AND PF legislation. Further documentation may be requested from the Member or Guest from time to time to fulfil due diligence requirements.

17.2 In accordance with clauses 12.7 and 12.8, the Proprietor may, as part of its ID verification processes and Enhanced Due Diligence procedures, conduct checks on Members and Guests to ensure compliance with AML/CT AND PF legislation.

17.3 The Proprietor may, as part of its regulatory requirements, seek information relating to the source of funds which may be used for gaming transactions or in connection with any other business relationship.

17.4 The Proprietor also reserves the right not to proceed with any transaction and/or to freeze any monies in its possession until such time that: 

(a) The Proprietor has obtained the required information to its sole satisfaction;

(b) The Proprietor has completed any other processes that may be required under its policies and/or procedures or AML/CT AND PF legislation; and

(c) The Proprietor may report any suspicions and/or disclose personal information pertaining to those transactions to the appropriate authority, as required by law.


18.1 Members and Guests are prohibited from bringing alcohol or illegal drugs into the Club.

18.2 The Proprietor, including 27 Restaurant & Bar practise the responsible service of alcohol in accordance with the Proprietor’s Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy.

18.3 Any inappropriate behaviour as a result of the excessive consumption of alcohol may result in a Member and/or Guest being asked to leave the premises, including but not limited to the revocation of membership.

18.4 Alcohol will not be served to any person who is believed to be intoxicated.

18.5 Members may not supply alcohol to any other person who is intoxicated or who has been refused further service by Staff.


19.1 No person under the age of 18 is allowed onto the Club premises.

19.2 The Proprietor reserves the right to adjust its opening hours without notice and without liability to Members and Guests.

19.3 Some areas of the Club may be restricted or reserved for certain Members only.

19.4 The Proprietor is a private member Club and has consequently elected to adopt the Gambling Commission’s ‘On Entry’ approach to patron identification and a zero threshold to recording patrons’ cash transactions.

19.5 All services and supplies shall be subject to the addition of VAT where applicable.

19.6 Funds held for or on behalf of any Member or Guest are not protected in the event of the insolvency of the Proprietor.

19.7 Club Staff are strictly forbidden to engage in social relationships with Members or Guests.

19.8 No Member or Guest shall remove any property, newspaper, periodical (apart from promotional leaflets), or other Proprietor’s belongings without permission from the Club.

19.9 All property whatsoever from time to time brought upon the Club premises by any Member or Guest shall be at the sole risk of the person bringing such property upon the Club premises. Neither the Proprietor nor the Club and staff shall be liable to any person for the loss of or damage to any such article, howsoever occasioned, no matter whether the property has been entrusted to the care of the Proprietor or its staff whether the loss of or damage arises by negligence or otherwise.

19.10 The Proprietor is not responsible for any loss, damage or any such outcome that may be caused by using the complimentary Wi-Fi service that is offered to Members or Guests. Members or Guests who utilise this service must accept the Proprietor’s Terms of Use Policy. 

19.11 Animals, except for Guide Dogs, are not permitted on the Club premises.

19.12 No Member shall give the address of the Club, trademark name or logo in any advertisement or use any of these for private or business purposes whatsoever.

19.13 Contractors or visitors may have the same meaning as ‘Member’ and/or ‘Guest’ within these rules. Therefore, any contractors or visitors to the Club may also be subject to these Club Rules.

19.14 The Proprietor reserves the right to restrict the usage of Mobile phones and/or other portable devices to adhere to the privacy of Members and Guests in the Club.

19.15 Any breaches of the Club Rules by its Members or Guests causing any loss, damage, claims, liabilities, costs, and expenses will result in compensation to the Proprietor.

19.16 The Proprietor reserves the right to alter, revoke or supplement the Club Rules and any other rules and procedures at any time for various reasons, including in order to comply with legal requirements and/or in order to respond to adjustments to services and/or business practices.

19.17 The notification of any major adjustments will be communicated to Members and Guests in person on their visit to the Club. 

19.18 The Club Rules, as amended from time to time, shall be retained in Reception and/or displayed on Crown London’s webpage for the information of all members/guests, and all members/guests shall be deemed to have full knowledge thereof.

19.9 Should any provisions of Club Rules be declared void, ineffective, illegal or unenforceable by any competent court, regulator or authority, the remainder of the Club Rules shall remain in effect as if such void, ineffective, illegal or unenforceable provision(s) had not been included.

19.20 Non-Gaming Guest of a Member shall not be entitled to order or pay for any food or beverage in the Club. Nor shall a Non-Gaming Guest of a Member be entitled to incur any debts at the Club in the Guest’s own name.


21.1 The Proprietor may bring proceedings against Member or Guest in respect of any such dispute in the Courts of England and Wales and/or any other court with jurisdiction.

21.2 To the extent permitted by law, the Proprietor may hold concurrent proceedings in any number of jurisdictions.

21.3 The parties agreed that Member or Guest must bring proceedings against the Proprietor in the country of the Proprietor’s address, which means that the courts of London, England, have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising by Member or Gust under or in connection with Club Rules.

Club Rules v.11